Wishing It Was Christmas

>> Sunday, December 20, 2009

I have one little boy who is wishing that Christmas was already here. We had some friends of ours come over to bring presents for the boys. That really set Devin to want to open them. I decided to give him a stuffed rabbit that I was saving to try to keep him from getting upset over not being able to open presents. He is constantly talking about them, and I just keep telling him that he will have to wait, or he will not have anything on Christmas Day if I let him. Some of the presents have Santa on them, so Devin would say that Santa is watching him. Now he is saying that he will sneak into them. That reminds me of when my sister and I were little. She would unwrap them when our parents were gone, and then re-wrap them before they came home. I would just look at her thinking why is she doing this. I never did look at mine. I wanted it to be a surprise. Eddie is willing to wait, and is not giving me any problems wanting the presents already.

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Jen December 21, 2009 at 5:22 AM  

The excitement can be so hard to handle, I hope your all have a fabulous Christmas:) Jen