Hotel Room For Autistics In New Jersey

>> Monday, January 25, 2010

The Clinton Inn Hotel in Tenafly, New Jersey is offering accommodations for parents and children of autism spectrum disorders. The rooms include unbreakable glassware, bumpers on furnishings, special locks and in-room decor and accessories that can't be knocked off. For those who choose to stay at the hotel will receive a welcome box of activities, a special-needs menu, free in-room movie and even access to a reserved table at the hotel's restaurant. Clinton Inn also donates part of the proceeds from stays in the suit to charitable organization Autism Speaks, according to The News Tribune. In Mercury News, rates for the special-needs room start at $179 per night. Would you not pay anything to have a peaceful nights sleep knowing that your autistic children are safe and sound, entertained, and feed correctly while you are on vacation? So if you are looking for a place that can accommodate your children's special needs so you can have a vacation to remember, then try the Clinton Inn Hotel in Tenafly. The name of the suite for autistic children is called the Alpine Suite.
Clinton Inn manager Tony Morreale knows firsthand the challenges of parenting an autistic child.

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Jen January 26, 2010 at 4:52 AM  

Well, I am impressed!! Good on them, I hope more hotels try it:) Jen.