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>> Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, looks like I have to put both of the boys back on their medication due to issues at school. Devin could not focus to do his work, and now Eddie is constantly falling out of his seat at school. I contacted the boys former therapist this morning to see if I could possibly get them into Tupelo's autism clinic called Spectrum Educational Solutions. Dr. Mark Wildmon recently opened Spectrum Educational Solutions, a clinic offering specialized one-on-one instruction to children with autism as well as those with a wide range of developmental disorders and at no cost including applied behavior analysis therapy. Nearly 300 children in Northeast Mississippi schools have an autism spectrum disorder. This is not including home schooled, Asperger's Syndrome, or those attending private schools. Can you imagine what the real numbers are? For many years, I have wondered why there was not an autism clinic in our area. The only other one is in Jackson, Mississippi. The Spectrum Education Solutions formerly known as Autism Center of Tupelo opened up in December of 2009. They are a non-profit organization operating under the use of donations. If you would like to help Tupelo keep Spectrum Education Solutions open and functional, please donate. You can send in your donations to Parent Resources for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (PRADD) at 100 Parkgate Extended, Suite 2B, Tupelo, MS, 38801 or contact the center at (662) 821-2012. We really need this in our area to help those with autism and their parents. I would really hate to see this go due to lack of funding. Every penny counts and our children are worth it to have an autism center a little closer to home.

Thank you for visiting today, and for any donations that you wish to send to Spectrum Education Solutions.

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