Allergy Proof Baby Buddy Bear

>> Monday, January 4, 2010

In the September 2008 Parenting magazine, I found an allergy proof bear called Baby Buddy Bear. Many children have allergies and asthma, and stuffed animals carry dust mites that can irritate these conditions. This bear is reasonably priced at $12.00 from Kids Preferred. They are also being sold at Khol's for $14.00 for everyone who loves to shop at Khol's. In Parenting Magazine it says, " To keep it sneeze-and-wheeze-proof once a month freeze it for 24 hours to kill most of the mites, then wash and dry it to dispose of them." Sept. 2008 pg. 36

I found that very interesting and a good tip for parents, and it can also be tried on other plush animals as well. I hope that you will add this little guy to your child's toy collection. The bear is made for the washer and dryer so it will not tear up as easily. Taking away toys because of allergies and asthma can be difficult, and this little bear can ease some of the stresses that comes with changing a child's toys. Bring him home today!!

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