Christmas Joy For The Boys

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

The boys have received some Christmas joy this year when grandma, great-grandma, and an uncle came to visit with a big tree including the lights, and decorations. The boys had a wonderful time helping put it together. Here is "Ed" doing his part. He was the one who worked on it the most putting all the decorations on except for what he couldn't reach. "Dev" helped too, but his attention span fell short so he just ran around the house. He is very good at that, and always pretending to be a car running up and down the hallway. It took us a good 3 or more hours to get it all done. To bad it was so big I couldn't fit it in the living room, so it sits in the kitchen. Strange place for a tree; especially the big one. I kept the small one in the living room and added another strand of lights to it so it looks even better now. Mom will be coming out next week I guess to see how we did while she heads south to pick up my sister's twins for Christmas. She will be very happy to see what the boys have done. This is our first year with a big tree so it really caught the boys eyes. It kept them very busy until it was bed time, and that made me very happy. Mom has also given me a singing Santa Clause that sings "Here comes Santa Clause..." "Dev" LOVES him very much and always wants to hear him sing. He goes around the house snapping his fingers in a unique way and dancing around the house. He is so cute be-bopping to music he likes. Well, I guess I'll be closing now since everyone else is in bed. Maybe I should be as well, take care of yourself and may all your dreams come true.

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