A Monday Night And ADHD

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unfortunately, the kids had candy. Only 2 suckers, 2 jaw breakers, and 2 now and laters that only "Ed" had. Yet, it was a night of total chaos. Since the boys are diagnosed with HFA/ADHD, I feel it is sometimes difficult for me to distinguish the difference between the two, so to me I feel that they just go hand in hand. So what made them explosive...sugar or the colors added to the candy. I'd say both, but more so the colors. It was just one thing after another. Either we didn't have what they wanted to eat to being completely unable to be disciplined. "Ed " was upset from the start because he wasn't wanting to be line leader anymore at school. He said he couldn't hear because he was so far away. Guess that meant that he would keep walking once the teacher told him to stop. Not sure about that one. Took awhile for him to calm down and regain control of himself. Then he had candy to make it worse. After a while, I had calmed him down enough to get him on the computer to play a game to keep his attention on something while I was dealing with "Dev". He is another story in itself. "Dev" is the one who will go around bugging you I guess. He likes to be right by my side all the time and is frequently being somewhat of a bully. He will come up behind you poke on you, push you, and hit on you. I understand that he is only doing it because he thinks it is funny, but sometimes I feel like it's to the point were I say enough. It can be quite painful and with me suffering from undiagnosed joint pain it really takes a lot out of me. I'm having to watch out for scratching as well when I'm physically moving them ( yes, both) from one place to another to avoid more dangerous situations. This is pretty much how the entire night went until they were in the bed asleep. I see a lot of hyperactivity around here, and the autism silliness just flows around along with it. So I am doing a lot of overlooking with behaviors as long as they are not trying to hurt others which does happen frequently. It's always been that way around here even since they were little. I just pull myself together and hope I don't go nuts as well.

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