Proloquo2Go: Communication Devices Made Affordable

>> Thursday, April 29, 2010

Special needs children who have difficulty speaking due to autism, Lou Gehrig's disease, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other conditions that prevent ones communication now has a window of opportunity. And guess what, it is affordable. Imagine spending up to 10,000 dollars for a computerized machine, like many parents are trying to do for their children. For most that is too difficult when we are already paying for other treatments and things, or for that matter just maintaining the household.

Proloquo2Go (which is Latin for "speak out loud") that was created by AssistiveWare is a program that is actually affordable. How does $189 sound? Pretty good to me! Please visit to learn more about the features. The video link below will show you how it works.
It creates sentences from grouping pictures together using around 8,000 symbols. It is available for the iPod touch which runs from $200 to $400, iPhone which runs about $100 to $300, and now introducing the iPad for up to $1,000. Prices come from the Apple Store.

Proloquo2Go can be downloaded at the App store here. It is also located in the education category. View the video interview from ABC on Proloquo2Go.
The company is working to make it easier for parents to own, when they just do not have the resources to purchase this product.
This is the new way to go in today's technology, and one of the most affordable communication devices, and most portable.
Hope that you will consider this for your loved one who has difficulty communicating with others. Now we can all speak out.

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