Autism Society of America: Transformers Benefit Auction

>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

As some would know, we are HUGE Transformers fans. According to, Autism Society of America is getting into Transformers as well. In association with, the Autism Society of America is having a transformers toy collection autism auction. A set of transformers is set to be auctioned off on Ebay. The auction is set for later today and has not been posted as of yet, but you can view the Youtube video that is embedded below. The collection includes the following Decepticons (the bad guys):

Rumble and Frenzy
Laserbeak and Buzzsaw

Watch the video to find out who is who!

View the video for a complete overview of the toys below! Once I do find the link to the actual auction, I will get it posted for you. Hope that you will participate in the auction. Transformers are truly a work of art, and we have been collecting them for years. Happy Bidding!!

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