Missing Autistic: Marshall Bacher

>> Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pima County officials in Tucson, Arizona are asking the public for help in finding Marshall Bacher who is a 28 year old missing autistic. Bacher was reported missing at approximately 10:30 Tuesday April 20,2010 by his mother.

She said that he left a note saying that he was going to Rillito River and would return in a few hours. According to his mother, he does not know the concept of time. Authorities have put him at high risk. His mother has said that he has left the house before, but usually returns.

Marshall is described as a Caucasian male, approximately 5'11" tall, 235 lbs., with dark brown hair. He was last seen wearing a brown T-shirt, denim carpenter shorts, a blue and grey parka, grey New Balance shoes and a turquoise backpack.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Marshall Bacher is asked to call 911 or 88-CRIME.

Please be on the lookout for him as we pray for his safe return.

*In my own opinion from following missing autistics, I have noticed how adventurous they tend to be. From what I have seen, they are usually found in placed that would provide them comfort as they feed the need for adventure. His mother said that he was going to the river...perhaps to fill that need for adventure. I was reading another story of two autistic teenagers went missing for a day in Florida. They were found at the beach early in the morning. Were they perhaps having their own adventure as well? Nadia Bloom from Florida was found safe in the dense woods behind her house, as if she was also having an adventure.


Has been located!!

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