Devin Learns To Ride Bicycle

>> Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello everyone! Today was a terrific day for Devin. He has learned how to ride a Bicycle Smiley 2. Not to long ago he had gotten a bike and was learning how to ride it with training wheels. I would say that he really did not have all that much practice before we decided to try and take off the training wheels. I had previously decided to raise the wheels up to where they would not be on the ground as much. I wanted to see how he could do when he could balance the bicycle without the wheels touching the ground. I had told him to try and ride it in the grass so that he would not get hurt. When we took them off, he immediately took off without any problems what so ever. He never did fall down the entire time. I was almost in shock that he just took to it and did it without even trying. It was like he was born to ride a bike. We were all very excited for him on his new accomplishment. He is surely going to enjoy this coming summer where he will be outside most of the time. He is even good enough to peddle the bicycle while he is not sitting on the seat. That takes a lot of balance and strength. He has an 18-inch NEXT Surge bicycle like the one below:
For his accomplishment we will give him an award as well!! Congratulations son, you have greatly earned it. We love you very much and very proud of how much you have grown. Bless you my son and may all your dreams come true.

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