Nadia Bloom Tells Her Story About Being Missing

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

ABC talks to Nadia Bloom and her parents about the days Nadia spent in the woods in a Florida swamp. Nadia said that she was not sure if she would be found. Thankfully she was found by a member of her church. Nadia saw animals while she was missing including a snake, bugs, 3 dogs, an eagle, owls, and lizards. She was eating plants to stay alive and slept where she could at night. She loves nature and did not realize that she would get lost in the swamp. She spent a week in the hospital to recover, and received blessings from every angle. She is such a brave girl and we are all glad that she is safe and doing well. Bless her and her family. Please watch the video of Nadia speaking out as she tells her story about those long days. Greatly appreciated, and thank you all for reading.

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