Detecting Autism Early....New procedure

>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Early detection for autism is very important, and today some are not diagnosed until they are at least three years of age or longer. There is now a new way to test for autism as early as 9 months, which is great. The researcher's at Canada's McMaster University has developed a computerized test to track the eye movements of an infant with sensors that aims to predict autism in children. It administers five eye-tracking tests over ten minutes. It measures the direction and fixation of a child's eyes to an image or human face. Yale's University's Toddler Developmental Disibilities Clinic uses similar techniques to study patterns in children ages three months to three years. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab has created a software and in-home recording devices that track the habits of a newborn, to find clues to detecting autism early on in life. I believe that this is great. Everything helps when it comes to diagnosing autism early, and I hope that they have great findings, and amaze the world. Here is the article from out of Abilene, Texas.

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