Autism and Toys

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

When it comes to autism, there are groups of children who have sensory problems of all kinds. I believe that toys for autism spectrum disorders, will give the children the necessary skills at home that they can receive in therapy. Now you to can have toys like these to soothe your child during the tough times. My two boys have angry bears that their therapist gave them at school. They are not allowed to stomp or throw them, but use them when they are angry and wanting to hit others. Instead, they hit on the angry bear to release the angry that has overcome them. I at home have used them as all feelings bears. Mine have feeling of sadness, frustration, anger, lonely, and so on. My 5 year old uses his as a love bear. He plays with stuffed bears with a babyish talk. He's cute. They also have a great deal of silliness. So therefore, toys like these can be found here and other sites as well Toys For Autism.

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