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>> Monday, October 13, 2008

Many are concerned about vaccinations causing autism. My husband and I think our two boys was caused by genetics. That is what I was told by a few psychologist. I don't know about any family history on either side, but do see characteristics of possible problems on my husbands side. I am adopted, so sadly I don't know anything about my genes. But who really knows if it is completely genetic or not. I haven't really made up my mind on the issue yet, and I'm still learning everything I possibly can about this condition that affects so many precious lives. I am sending out word on what I can find on the subject, but leaving it up to you to decide for yourself and hopefully help you in making a decision on what you feel went wrong. I'll explore research, opinions, evidence, etc.
First off we will discuss vaccine concerns. These are from
Dr. Ari Brown's Clear Answers & Smart Advice About Your Baby's Shots
This is an in depth report on why vaccines do not cause autism. The next one is the The following list of studies published in peer-reviewed journals is provided so that parents and practitioners can themselves compare the balance of evidence about MMR and autism. MMR vaccine does not cause autism examine the evidence.
There are other articles to read concerning vaccines on their website. Here is something on WebMD Autism-Vaccine Link: Evidence Doesn't Dispel Doubts
, but let's take a look at the genetic research on the issue. A gene has been found to a possible link to autism. The researchers have identified that the chromosome 11 gene may be linked to autism, but it can't be pen-pointed. They have also found 5 or six more genes that are linked to autism susceptibility. There are as many as 30 genes that can be identified with a link to autism. Article on Gene That May Lead to Austism.
Check out related stories in this article for more. Searching
for autism will give you lots of news about autism and science. Here is a pdf of autism genes 2005 from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development .
Parents have may idea's on what causes autism, but I on the other hand has accepted that my boys have autism. To me it's not about what causes it, but more about what I can do to make it better for them. That is my goal, and not to blame a bunch of vaccine preservatives, or worry about the genetic science of autism. Accepting is the main part instead of having my head spin on looking for it's causes on how my boys have obtained the condition. For other parents out there, you may have decided what causes your child's autism, but for the proof of mine I don't know. I have given you the research and now it's your turn to decide for yourself. Thanks again, Amanda

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Melissa October 20, 2008 at 12:04 PM  

having two children with ASD I agree with you that this is genetic. I also agree tht the vaccines play a large role. After finished reading David Kirby's book Evidence of Harm I was given more info on this issue. I believe that in some children there is a genetic suseptibility for them to turn on or off a gene that triggers autism, and other learning issues like ADHd as well. Look at the case most recently brought to the vaccine court and you can see how vaccines can cause damage. The cdc page says that the ingredients in the shots like metals are 300x the amount a child should recieve. The AMA even states that the new combo shot Pediatrix should be given alone, but it is almost always givin with other shots. i am not anti- vaccine but i do feel that the shots need to be de-toxicified and space out. I am not giving my children any more grouping of shots unless they are spaced ou very far. There is no way a study will ever come out and declare vaccines as the cause of autism becuase the atty's would have a field day. I like that you raised this issue and that my comment can offer insight to the other side. This is a great topic and needs lots of discussion. thanks for giving us a chance to talk about it