Bronchitis For The Third Time This Year

>> Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well, Little Eddie stayed home today from school. He had came down with bronchitis again for the third time this year. The last episode was just about a month ago, when he missed five days of school. His oxygen levels were sitting about 93 percent. He was having bronchospasms where he could breathe air in, but not out. For treatment, he has an inhaler that he uses. I may end up trying to get a nebulizer to use at home, since it does seem to be more effective than the inhaler for him. I am just hoping that I can get his doctor to agree. He does have some of the worst allergies during the night when he lays down and goes to bed. From scratching his throat to nasal congestion are his symptoms at night. I have thought about dust mites, but not really sure. He is always having sinus issues, so for myself, I have trouble trying to pinpoint the possibilities of what could be causing that problem. And to think, winter is not even here yet. I am hoping that this will not be a constant problem with him.

Hope that you will all have a blessed evening.

Hope that you will feel better soon. We all love you Eddie!!

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