Autistic Son Enters Gifted Class Despite Behavior Problems

>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

Great news from the school on Eddie. He has scored high enough on the RAVEN test to qualify for evaluation for the gifted class at school. A few years back he was tested, bud did not quite make it. We are very proud of him any happy that he has accomplished this task.

Eddie is a very smart child with autism who has his difficulties. By the time he was six months old he was pulling up in his bed where he loved to play. He would then turn and dive to the mattress. At first we found what as now a child with an autistic trait to be astonishing and scary at times. Clearly as I recall now he was defiantly autistic then. We just had no recollection of what autism was back then. Not until he was three years old that we had learned the meaning of autism. He did have problem with sleeping habits by the time he was a week old and got rid of jaundice.

By the time he was one, he was throwing large toys at me, and here I was pregnant with Devin. I always had to watch my back with that child. I still have to watch out with him today, and he is seven -and-a-half. He had behavior problems in preschool as well, which caused me to visit the school on a number of occasions. He did "request" having the words wrote out along with the shape drawn so that he could learn how to spell words. I remember that in pre-school while staying with my mother he would write the names of his friends on a chalkboard. I was astonished. He never talked until he was three -and- a -half, and by the time he was four he was reading, writing, and spelling words.

Kindergarten rolled around and he was having major behavior problems. His autistic behaviors included, destroying property, hitting others, climbing under tables, and being disrespectful. He started medication in first grade to help control ADHD which they both suffer from. Things got better for him, but he lost a lot of weight, so I ended up changing his medicine again. We are still wishing for better help which only biomedical, GFCF Diet, Feingold Diet, therapies, and etc. that can help with autism symptoms. Getting that help when you are dealing with autism and poverty can be one of the most difficult things you can go through.

Second grade is here and he has done very well. He is now in a regular classroom, and only has a few sensory integration deficits such as sounds and lights. He does not like the chatter of the other classroom children. The intercom is another sensory problem with him. All he can do is cover his ears to get away from the noise. Eddie has done well, growing up with two conditions.

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