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Today is the day for my husband. Why? Graduation Day!! He is majoring in computer programming, and he has finished 3 years of school with a 3.96 GPA. The only B that he has made the entire time was in English. I believe that he told me that he had a hard teacher for that class. In everything else, he made A's. He will also be graduating with special honors. Learning the computer languages was exceptionally easy for him. When we first got our computer, he automatically knew everything about them. His mother had one of those dinosaur computers which he did know how to operate. Today's computers are much more advanced than they used to be, yet he took up with it instantly.

I had to call mom yesterday to see if she could take the boys and me to Fulton for his graduation. His mother is not able to come, because of her car's condition. It is very picky on when it will run or not. His brother Jake will not be able to come either. Not sure why though, however he was here just about two weeks ago. I was very lucky to get a hold of mom. If I could not get her ASAP, then the boys and me would not be able to go either. Glad that I did get a hold of her. I would have been very sad if we were not able to go. I am sure that he would be too.

For you my dear, I am congratulating you for all the hard work you have done all these years. I rarely seen you with a textbook studying, yet you have accomplished so much. I hope that this experience will open up a lot of doors for you to walk through. Now is your chance to fly like an eagle, and make a better life for you and your family. Best wishes to you, and I hope that you will find what you are looking for in the job force. I am so happy for you that tears of joy fall from my eyes. We have waited for so long for this day to come, and it is a relief that you are finally finished. It seemed like forever this year, because we knew that graduation was not far away and we would be free from all the struggles that come along with a parent who is in college.

Again Congratulations and


Love always,
Your wife and boys

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Anonymous May 14, 2010 at 5:36 PM  

Tell Eddie congratulations on his 3.96 GPA. I hope that he will find work that he will enjoy as well as help him financially.