Caseworker Troubles

>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A few months ago, we were given a new case worker for the boys. She works at the clinic where the boys are treated for their ADHD. I did have one that was very nice to our family, and she would do anything that I needed without question; never had anything bad to say.

A case worker is supposed to get medication from pharmacy, set up appointments, and run errands for you. They also can transfer paperwork to be signed from the schools to you if needed. My old case worker did it all. She was a true friend even though we could not be actual friends because it was strictly business. I was truly sad because I lost probably the best one out there. Thank you for everything that you have do for me. We will miss you greatly.

On to the new caseworker...

The first time that I saw her I had a child home sick with the stomach virus. She absolutely did not want anything from me after that. She took only one glance at Eddie on the couch and rushed to say, "Does he have the stomach virus?" What got me was that it seemed as if she knew what he had. Think about it, what are the chances of that happening when anything could have been wrong with him. I was shocked that she had determined that he was sick with a virus in less than five seconds. She rushed out of the screen door (I was in between the doors) as if she had some type of phobia to the stomach virus. A little more than a week later, she had come back to see me. This was her second visit to my house, and my old social worker basically had to make her come out here. I had knew for over two weeks or more that she was supposed to be coming to get started, but never did until the old worker was gone for good. It seemed like forever.

What gets me is that how she was talking to me. It's been a few days since we talked so I will try to remember as much as I can. Have you ever been told exactly how you are supposed to live and how you are supposed to raise your kids? Well, she was the queen of put downs I thought. I felt attacked from the very beginning. The house was not as clean as she thought it should be, so basically she took it out on the kids. She was telling me that her grown sons have ADHD, and they all including her husband treated her like a Queen of all things. Why is that so wrong? Well the impression that I got from her she was as if she basically owned her household and everyone in it. Now she was out to change mine. I do not think so. The boys have autism as well, and they are just not ready to be learning to do all that. Devin will cry just at the thought of having to do chores. Eddie has not reply. They do not understand the concept of keeping things cleaned. So for now I will continue to take care of them even if they do not learn how to do chores. That is my right if I want to do that; especially now.

Oh, and it does not stop there oh no! Next of all, she starts attacking my husband. He is currently waiting to get a job when he graduates from college this month. That is how he is wanting to do...wait until after graduation. Well the case worker thinks that she can attack that now. "You should be looking for a job right now..get your resume out. There is a place I know where you could work." She went on and on. She even got my husband cornered telling him that he need to get out and find a job. You can not just go out and talk to him like that. He will put you in your place and in a hurry.

I know that she really does not like us, she has shown that by trying to control what goes on behind my doors. Either that or she has a problem with poor people. I am planning to try and get someone else. We will not have any of that here...period.

Readers, yes I have vented out some of my issues that I have right now, but I thought that someone out there could relate or have a comment on the subject. Thanks for reading.

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