Staph In The Family..."Dev"

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

What was thought a spider bite, may in fact be a staph infection. "Dev" had a bump on his leg just above his knee which started to get infected. The middle is bright red and probably about the size of a half-dollar. The center was hot with a white inter-circle. As time went by, a large circular area around the center circle was red from infection spreading out into his leg. After having it for a few days, I took him to the Dr. In the trauma room, where they get your vitals, they immediately knew that it was staph since the center was not decaying like it would have been if it was a spider bite. So here I am giving him more antibiotics, and bathing him in bleach. (1/4 cup per tub of water). Cleaning will cost more due to washing everything in bleach; even the laundry. Information on staph infections is found at Kids Health. Which is one of my favorite sites for kids conditions. Staph infections are really something to look out for and spreading it to other family members is very easy. Be cautious and watch those bumps that you or your family may have. Keep well, and we will try here as well.

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