Classes Are Over: Grades are posted

>> Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring of 2012 classes are over, and grades are in. I thought that I would take a minute and post my grades for this past semester.

  • Principles of A&P  (A)
  • Computer Concepts (A)
  • English Comp II (A)
  • College Algebra (C)
Guess that Algebra and I did not mix to well. Anyways, here is what I will be taking next semester

  • Medical Terminology (Allied Health Division) There is one for the HIT program as well, but I will have to be admitted into the program before I can take that class. This class will be online. 
  • A&P I
  • Public Speaking
  • Music Appreciation

The boys are doing well, they are taking the MCT2 test this week. They have one more day of testing after today. Devin's behavior at school has gotten a lot better, so maybe he has made it through whatever was bothering him so much. Little Eddie's behavior is great too. He stays occupied with his Game Boy Advance that we got him not to long ago. We had to get him a battery pack and light for the game, and even had a little trouble with the light we received, but we were shipped another one that was tested before it ever went out. Well, I guess that I will get going, I need to be cleaning of course... that is what women do. Have a great day. See you all again soon.

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