Autism Awareness Day

>> Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Autism Awareness Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day today. We are having wonderful warm weather, as we have had all winter long. We are all doing well, just very busy with college and school. The boys are in the third and fifth grades now. This will be little Eddie's last year at the school he has been going to since kindergarten. I know that he will miss it greatly. He will be going to a much bigger school next year, and I am hoping that he will adjust well. We have had excellent behavior out of Eddie this year in school. At home, he can get pretty silly. Devin on the other hand, we are having major trouble out of him at school. He is in constant trouble, and we are having a very hard time getting him the help that he needs. Applied Behavior would cost us about $44 a week, which is not doable right now. The autism clinic here in town is still working on getting Medicaid to pay for their services. The clinic has been open for several years now, yet so many children are deprived of the help because of costs. They do go into the schools and work with the children, but when I mention the boy's school they had no idea the school was even in town. So until Medicaid is accepted there, then we will have to wait on the help that he so rightfully deserves. I guess that I will close now, and finish up housework. I just wanted to drop in and tell everyone... Happy Autism Awareness Day! Give your autism friend a hug from all of us... Have a wonderful day!

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